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Recovering.  Rebuilding.  Reclaiming Lives.



Established in 2012, Oasis of Northwest Arkansas is a mutually accountable sober living and working community of recovering women and their children. We offer volunteer mentoring in everyday life skills, workforce and entrepreneurial training, an extended family network to encourage responsible neighboring and citizenship.

OASIS of NWA homes are safe, sober, healthy environments in which women and their children can thrive.

Mission of Oasis of Northwest Arkansas:


Oasis of Northwest Arkansas is a women's transitional living community

that provides safe, supportive housing for women in recovery.

Core Values:
Respect Self-Discovery


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-- Sponsor a Bed at Oasis for $110 a month
-- Sponsor 2 Beds at Oasis for $220 a month
-- Sponsor a Resident at Oasis for $440 a month
-- Make a One Time gift to Oasis to further our mission


Every gift makes a difference!  

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"Thanks to Oasis of Northwest Arkansas, I am sober, I have my children back... I have my life back! 

The Oasis program truly helped to save my life" -- Former Oasis Resident

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Oasis of  Northwest Arkansas - Recovering. Rebuilding.  Reclaiming Lives.

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Did You Know?

The stigma attached to addiction is often much stronger and more difficult to overcome for women—mothers, in particular—than men?


Factors such as denial, fear, and shame prevent women from looking honestly at their drinking and drug use, and from asking friends or family for the help they desperately need to start down the road to recovery. Women also face other barriers to recovery that include things such as child care responsibilities, lower wages/less income, substance abuse by a partner or other family members, fear of losing custody of children, lack of access to resources, or feeling unworthy of help.

Oasis of NWA exists to help women overcome the stigma attached to addiction so they can find the road to recovery.  If you or someone you love would benefit from the Oasis of NWA program, please click here to complete our application, or call us at 479-268-4340.