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Oasis of Northwest Arkansas

Resident Application

Oasis of Northwest Arkansas is a transitional living community for women in recovery. Oasis provides accountability in a faith-based environment, resource referrals, workforce development and structure. There is a shared housing cost of $135/week and a $250.00 required deposit. 

We require all residents to comply with the following rules:

- Clean drug/alcohol screenings: Positive UA and/or breathalyze test or drug screen will result in dismissal.​

- Residents are required to attend 3 recovery meetings per week

- Obtain a sponsor and meet regularly

- Attend mandatory recovery meetings 

- Gain full-time employment or attend school and part-time employment

- Abide by set curfew

This is only a brief description of the Oasis rules and requirements. A detailed Resident Handbook is provided upon approval.

Before entrance into the community, we will run a background check. We do not accept sexual or violent offenders.

All residents at Oasis of Northwest Arkansas must have completed in-patient treatment for drugs and/or alcohol from a licensed facility.

This treatment does not include detox or outpatient participation.

Please note that Oasis of Northwest Arkansas currently has a relatively large waiting list. 

Thanks for submitting!

Application: Testimonial Form
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